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Occasionally ido

As I was refactoring my .emacs, I found a silly wrapper around describe-function that uses ido-completing-read. I think I was aware at the time that ido-ubiquitous could simply make describe-function use ido-completing-read. The problem was that it also affected the completing-read in functions that became headlong-bookmark-jump from headlong (see the corresponding post if you missed it).

A bit of code to make things right

(defun ido-occasional-completing-read
    (prompt collection
     &optional predicate require-match initial-input
       hist def inherit-input-method)
  "Use `ido-completing-read' if the collection isn't too large.
Fall back to `completing-read' otherwise."
  (let ((filtered-collection
         (all-completions "" collection predicate)))
    (if (<= (length filtered-collection) 30000)
         prompt filtered-collection nil
         require-match initial-input hist
         def nil)
       prompt collection predicate
       require-match initial-input hist
       def inherit-input-method))))

(defmacro with-ido-completion (fun)
  "Wrap FUN in another interactive function with ido completion."
  `(defun ,(intern (concat (symbol-name fun) "/with-ido")) ()
     ,(format "Forward to `%S' with ido completion." fun)
     (let ((completing-read-function
       (call-interactively #',fun))))

The only thing that ido-occasional-completing-read does is to pre-filter collection with predicate and pass it on to ido-completing-read. And with-ido-completion is just a convenience wrapper.


(global-set-key (kbd "<f1> f")
                (with-ido-completion describe-function))
(global-set-key (kbd "<f1> v")
                (with-ido-completion describe-variable))
(global-set-key (kbd "<f2> i")
                (with-ido-completion info-lookup-symbol))

Here, with-ido-completion will generate e.g. describe-function/with-ido, which will subsequently be bound to <f1> f. The good-old describe-function is left unaffected.

Note, that if I turn on helm-mode at this point, it will override describe-function with its own completion, but it will not touch describe-function/with-ido which I bound. This can be useful e.g. if I want to use helm-mode (or icy-mode or icomplete-mode) for some completion, but not all.

You can find the package at ido-occasional.