(or emacs irrelevant)

avy 0.3.0 is out

This is a feature-packed release consisting of 57 commits done over the course of the last month by me and many contributors.

I'm trying something different this time with the release-notes: I've started a Changlelog.org in the repository, which is much more pleasant to read (and write) in org-mode form inside Emacs:


Then I used pandoc to convert the Org file to Markdown. Too bad, the pandoc install-able through apt-get knows nothing of Org mode, so I had to

cabal install pandoc

and let cabal do its thing for like 30 minutes. The exported Markdown wasn't too bad, just had to reformat most things to one line, since Github's fill-column is like 150 chars instead of the usual 80. If someone has more experience of exporting Org to Markdown, please do share: maybe there's a better way to do this.

Anyway, read the release notes either at github or inside Emacs and enjoy the cool new stuff. Big thanks to all contributors.

Also check out the wiki page on customization and other pages. I think it would be cool to have a separate page for e.g. avy-goto-char with the screenshots (or gifs) for all values of avy-style:

  • pre
  • post
  • at
  • at-full
  • de-bruijn

So if anyone is willing to contribute (and check out those overlay styles in the process), please go ahead: you can either clone the wiki with:

git clone https://github.com/abo-abo/avy.wiki.git

and push, or just edit it using Github's widgets.