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Hydra evolution picks up the pace with hydra 0.6.1. This version adds prefix arguments to all Hydras.

Some Examples

Look ma, no modifiers!

Now it's possible to write this:

 (kbd "C-z")
 (defhydra hydra-vi ()
   ("l" forward-char)
   ("h" backward-char)
   ("j" next-line)
   ("k" previous-line)))

And now C-z 5j7l will move 5 lines down and 7 characters left, still with the option to press h, j, k, l some more.

Additionally C-z C-u C-u C-u k will move 64 lines up, since C-u multiplies its argument by 4 each time.

The good-old zoom

If you remember, this was the original Hydra:

(defhydra hydra-zoom (global-map "<f2>")
  ("g" text-scale-increase "in")
  ("l" text-scale-decrease "out"))

Now, <f2> g 4g 2l will zoom in 5 times, and zoom out 2 times for a total of +3 zoom.

The good-old move-splitter

(defhydra hydra-splitter (global-map "C-M-s")
  ("h" hydra-move-splitter-left)
  ("j" hydra-move-splitter-down)
  ("k" hydra-move-splitter-up)
  ("l" hydra-move-splitter-right))

This Hydra can benefit from numeric arguments as well: C-M-s l 40l will quickly make the right window a lot smaller.

If I wanted to type C-M-s 40 l, I would have to use this definition instead:

 (kbd "C-M-s")
 (defhydra hydra-splitter ()
   ("h" hydra-move-splitter-left)
   ("j" hydra-move-splitter-down)
   ("k" hydra-move-splitter-up)
   ("l" hydra-move-splitter-right)))

For that case, I would get the hint immediately after C-M-s and would be able to give the numeric argument immediately, but I wouldn't be able to bind anything else on C-M-s as a prefix, e.g.:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-M-s z") 'recenter-top-bottom)

The code above would give the error "Key sequence C-M-s z starts with non-prefix key C-M-s". So you can pick the method that you prefer, the choice is there.

The ultimate window switching setup

 (kbd "C-M-o")
 (defhydra hydra-window ()
   ("h" windmove-left)
   ("j" windmove-down)
   ("k" windmove-up)
   ("l" windmove-right)
   ("a" (lambda ()
          (ace-window 1)
          (add-hook 'ace-window-end-once-hook
   ("v" (lambda ()
   ("x" (lambda ()
   ("s" (lambda ()
          (ace-window 4)
          (add-hook 'ace-window-end-once-hook
   ("d" (lambda ()
          (ace-window 16)
          (add-hook 'ace-window-end-once-hook
   ("o" delete-other-windows "1" :color blue)
   ("i" ace-maximize-window "a1" :color blue)
   ("q" nil "cancel")))

The credit for this monster goes to bcarell, I just refined his approach with making ace-window not quit the hydra-window Hydra. This setup needs the latest ace-window.

Here's the result of C-M-o xvxv starting from a single window:


From here, I can quickly maximize the current window with o while simultaneously quitting the Hydra; i will maximize a window as well, but it will select it with ace-window, instead of maximizing the current one.

Note that, since numerical arguments are working now, 4a is the same as s (swap) and 16a or C-u C-u a is the same as d (delete).