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A new Hydra demo on Youtube

This will be a short post sharing two pieces of information.

A Hydra demo is on Youtube

Here is the link, and here is the current window-switching code:

 (kbd "C-M-o")
 (defhydra hydra-window (:color amaranth)
   ("h" windmove-left)
   ("j" windmove-down)
   ("k" windmove-up)
   ("l" windmove-right)
   ("v" (lambda ()
   ("x" (lambda ()
   ("t" transpose-frame "'")
   ("o" delete-other-windows "one" :color blue)
   ("a" ace-window "ace")
   ("s" ace-swap-window "swap")
   ("d" ace-delete-window "del")
   ("i" ace-maximize-window "ace-one" :color blue)
   ("b" ido-switch-buffer "buf")
   ("m" headlong-bookmark-jump "bmk")
   ("q" nil "cancel")))

ace-window 0.7.0 is out

You can see the release notes here. There's not a whole lot of user-visible changes, but a large portion of the code was re-written to facilitate the use of the API. I hope that no new bugs were introduced with this change, you can still fall back to 0.6.1 and send me an issue if something broke. There's a benefit in the long run, just see how simple the code has become:

(defun ace-maximize-window ()
  "Ace maximize window."
   (aw-select " Ace - Maximize Window"))

Here, aw-select just returns a selected window, and nothing else. Very easy to use.