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Ivy 0.12.0 is out


Ivy is a completion method that's similar to Ido, but with emphasis on simplicity and customizability.


The current release constitutes of 398 commits and 6 months of progress since 0.11.0. Many issues ranging from #1904 to #2151 were fixed. The number of people who contributed code as grown to 148. Thanks, everyone!

Details on changes

Changelog.org has been a part of the repository since 0.6.0, you can get the details of the current and past changes:


Many improvements are incremental and don't require any extra code to enable. I'll go over a few selected features that require a bit of information to make a good use of them.

New bindings

  • counsel-descbinds
    • M-o x execute action.
  • counsel-file-jump
    • M-o d dired.
  • counsel-find-file
    • M-o c copy file.
    • ` bookmarks: efficiently jump between recent directories.
    • $ directories stored in environment variables.
    • C-DEL go up directory. Customize: counsel-up-directory-level.
    • RET open file. Customize: counsel-find-file-extern-extensions.
    • // when on remote, cd to remote root.
    • / C-j select local root.
    • ~ when on remote, cd to remote home.
    • / C-j ~ cd to local home from remote.
  • counsel-git-log
    • M-o v open the current commit in magit.
  • counsel-rg
    • C-x C-d change the current directory for grep.
  • ivy-avy
    • C-v to scroll down.
    • M-v to scroll up.
  • ivy-read C-o
    • m mark and move down.
    • u unmark and move down.
    • DEL move up and unmark.
    • t toggle marks.
    • d perform the action on all marked elements.
  • ivy-switch-buffer
    • C-k kill buffer.
    • M-o x open buffer file externally.
  • ivy-reverse-i-search
    • C-k remove item from the history.

New Commands extensions

These commands are new variants and adaptations of existing commands.

Thing at point variants:

  • swiper-all-thing-at-point.
  • swiper-isearch-thing-at-point.
  • swiper-thing-at-point.

Search variants that go backwards:

  • swiper-backward.
  • counsel-grep-or-swiper-backward.
  • swiper-isearch-backward.

A variant of ivy-switch-buffer with live preview:

  • counsel-switch-buffer.
  • counsel-switch-buffer-other-window.

And finally:

  • counsel-dired - like counsel-find-file, but open dired.
  • swiper-isearch-toggle - toggle between swiper and isearch.

New Commands

I have put these separately so they don't get lost in the crowd. Be sure to try them out.

  • counsel-compile - completion for compile.
  • counsel-register - completion for registers.
  • counsel-minor - completion for minor modes.
  • swiper-isearch - a faster swiper that's not line-based.


Again, thanks to all the contributors. Happy hacking!