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Ivy 0.13.0 is out


Ivy is a completion method that's similar to Ido, but with emphasis on simplicity and customizability.


The current release constitutes of 183 commits and 3 months of progress since 0.12.0. Many issues ranging from #2153 to #2278 were fixed. The number of people who contributed code as grown to form 148 to 160. Thanks, everyone!

Details on changes

Changelog.org has been a part of the repository since 0.6.0, you can get the details of the current and past changes:


Many improvements are incremental and don't require any extra code to enable. I'll go over a few selected features that require a bit of information to make a good use of them.

New bindings

  • counsel-find-file
    • ~~ to move to the local home directory from remote or /sudo::.
    • / RET ~ achieves the same thing, but is longer.
    • M-o R calls find-file-read-only.
  • counsel-git-grep
    • C-x C-d to switch the current directory.
  • swiper-isearch
    • M-o w to copy the current line and go back to where you started.

New features


The idea of counsel-package is to install and remove packages with a single binding:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c P") 'counsel-package)

But if the package contents weren't up to date, a separate M-x package-refresh-contents had to be triggered, which was an annoying overhead. Now counsel-package will look at the time stamps of the appropriate archive-contents files, and call package-refresh-contents if the timestamp is outdated by more than 4 hours.


Some commands are intended to be called only via their key binding. Make them disappear from counsel-M-x like this:

(put 'counsel-find-symbol 'no-counsel-M-x t)


The default setting of ivy-case-fold-search-default is 'auto, which means:

  • the input "emacs" matches "emacs", "EMACS", and "Emacs"
  • the input "Emacs" matches only "Emacs"

This now also applies to counsel-rg: Ivy will pass the -i flag to ripgrep appropriately, based on ivy-case-fold-search-default. You should remove the -S flag from counsel-rg-base-command if you customized it.


This is a new API for asynchronous calls. To use it, pass to ivy-read: :dynamic-collection t, and a collection function that takes a user input string, starts some asynchronous process based on that input, and returns 0. The 0 return result tells Ivy that no candidates were returned; instead, ivy-update-candidates is used in the async callback.

See counsel-google for a reference implementation.


You can now choose between: recent files, or bookmarks, or both, or none. Don't forget that counsel-set-variable makes it very easy to set customization options.

New Commands

I have put these separately so they don't get lost in the crowd. Be sure to try them out.

  • counsel-buffer-or-recentf - list buffers visiting files (highlighted) then the recentf file list.
  • counsel-fonts - show a list of all supported font families for a particular frame.
  • counsel-google - asynchronously query the Google predictive search API.
  • counsel-major - switch major-mode.
  • counsel-slime-repl-history - browse SLIME REPL history.


Again, thanks to all the contributors. Happy hacking!

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